Enterozyn® Flow

Contributes to alleviating the symptoms of nervous bowel, bloating, gases and cramps in the stomach
Target Group
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With Kiwi Extract + Lactobacillus plantarum

Kiwi extract is a wholefood-based nutritional ingredient, crafted from the New Zealand green kiwifruit. Kiwi extract consists of a variety of bioactive components including fiber, polyphenolics and the kiwifruit-unique protein-degrading enzyme actinidin.

How it works

Enterozyn® Flow improves digestion of proteins due to the probiotic function. It improves bowel motility and discharge as well as digestion. In addition it reduces the production of gases and decreases bloating.

When to use

Take one capsule per day during gastrointestinal discomfort or ongoing digestive health maintenance.



At the pharmacy I asked for a product that would reduce the symptoms of bloating. They recommended Enterozyn® Flow to me. I have been using it regularly ever since and the result is amazing.

Strahinja Lazarević


I have been looking for a product that works like Enterozyn® Flow for quite some time. My digestion is now excellent. Bloating and constipation have completely gone away.

Milica Đokić


I have had intestinal pain and bloating for a long time. I used various dietary supplements and even medicines. I found out about Enterozyn® Flow on the Internet and I am very satisfied with its effects. I have no pain or bloating. There is no need to choose the foods I can eat anymore.

Srđan Vujović


I gave up on many of types of food because I just couldn’t digest it. I complained to friends and got a recommendation for Enterozyn® Flow. There is no reason to avoid any food anymore. My digestion works perfectly and I’m able to enjoy my favorite dishes again. Recommendation.

Marija Vuković

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