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How it works

ImmuneBioflora® is an exclusive combination of K-12® and LGG® based upon a stability and clinically tested formula – a combination of the best documented probiotic strains colonizing and protecting the gut (L. rhamnosus, LGG®) and the oral-pharyngeal mucosa (S. salivarius K-12®).

K-12® allows the formation of a protective microflora in the oral-pharyngeal cavity after the antibiotic course. LGG® reduces antibiotic-associated side effects including gas, bloating, and diarrhea and modifies intestinal microbiota, alleviating antibiotic-associated changes.


K-12® reduces throat symptoms in subjects (2 to 18 years) with acute respiratory infection receiving antibiotics. Exposure to antibiotics significantly reduces the abundance of S. salivarius in the oral-pharyngeal cavity and induce selection of resistant strains in the oral microflora.

K-12® effectively colonizes the oral cavity and the oro- and nasopharynx and protects from respiratory infections. Global Guidelines recommend the use of LGG® strain for antibiotic-associated diarrhea, because it effectively colonizes the gut and reduces the incidence of AAD.

How to use

Simply one lozenge per day after tooth brushing, let it dissolve slowly in the mouth.

ImmunBioflora packaging

ImmuneBioflora® is a registered trademark of Bluestone Pharma GmbH.
LGG® is a trademark of Chr. Hansen A/S.
K-12® is a licensed trademark by Bluestone Pharma GmbH.